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Munira Lokhandwala

Munira is a professional and experienced yoga instructor with many years of experience practicing and teaching Yogasanas, Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga Sutras, Chakras and Meditation and Ayurveda. Having spent most of her adult life in Pune, she is now settled in the Mazgaon area of Mumbai and attends to Wellintra’s clientele in South Mumbai. Her main objective as a yoga instructor is for her students to realise the importance of yoga in modern life to maintain a sound mind and body. With her in-depth understanding and knowledge of yoga she wants to motivate individuals coming to her for training in yoga to explore their latent potential and become aware of the natural way of living in order to live a healthy and productive life. In all her training sessions, Munira takes a personal and individualized approach because in Yoga ‘one size does not fit all!’ According to her, ‘Yoga can benefit all body types because if you can breathe you can do yoga! The basis of my class is focussed on breath followed by a series of asanas. The sequence and intensity of each class varies in accordance with the client’s experience levels, energy and prowess.’

Professional Courses and Certification:

In addition to personal training, Munira can also effectively design and implement group training sessions for yoga for yoga centers, sports and educational institutes apart from corporate companies who want to hold yoga training sessions in their premises. As a group yoga trainer she has the ability to:

– Hold yoga sessions six days a week.

– Hold classes on concentration and relaxation techniques.

– Promote balance of the body and mind through effective teaching and demonstrations.

– Prepare class content and formats, appropriate for student level and style or type of yoga class.

– Demonstrate techniques and methods of exercise and meditation.

– Maintain positive relationships with members to encourage continued class attendance, provide health & Wellness reports and address grievances and concerns.

– Administer emergency first aid, wrap injuries, treat minor chronic disabilities or refer injured persons to the right Physician.

– Excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills.

– Good organizational and time management skills.

– Exceptional at counseling students to lead a healthy lifestyle.

– Ability to arrange for the materials required for conducting group yoga classes.

– Excellent at preparing the daily schedule of activities and maintain reports.

– Ability to safely train all the students and utilize all the safety harnesses, props and devices.

– Hands-on experience teaching individual sessions, small groups (3–12 people) and large groups of over 30 people.

– Excellent technical knowledge of computer applications and softwares.


Hatha Yoga
Yoga for Senior Citizens
Yoga for Children
Trauma Therapy
Yoga Administration

Social Work:

Active member of Mohalla committee to rescue animals & birds, saving Environment & helping Senior Citizens.

To Book Munira for a private or group fitness session, call on 98 20 607 875 or use the form below:

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