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Daanesh Irani

Daanesh Irani is a certified fitness trainer and coach with Wellintra and is certified from the I.F.S.A (Intellectual Fitness & Sports Academy). As a personal trainer, Daanesh strives to enable all clients to attain strength, health and beauty. From an early age, he began the discovery of how to  change his own body from fat to fit and fell in love with the feeling of empowerment and being able to change his body. He has since kept his passion alive to help others reach their personal health goals through a distinctive and unconventional style. Daanesh believes that Personal trainers are not simply exercise instructors and supervisors and there is much more to being a personal trainer than just knowing your anatomy and exercise physiology and the sciences behind exercise. It is all about passion, motivation and helping others be the best that they can be.

Like all our fitness trainers, Daanesh is engaged, invested, and giving, and wants to see his clients soar to their highest potential. 

To Book Daanesh for a private or group fitness session, call on 98 20 607 875 or use the form below:

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