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Aakriti is a highly engaging, young and vibrant all round fitness trainer with special training in Dance Fitness, Weight Training and Yoga. As a Mumbai-based personal trainer and health coach, Aakriti provides one-on-one attention to her clients ensuring effective training for all fitness goals. Being highly fit and highly committed and dedicated to fitness in her own life, she is well equipped to translate her own fitness success and mantras to her clients by nurturing their spirit and motivating them through her workouts which are always inspiring, fun and challenging. She is always eager to affect change in the fitness quotient of people around her and aims to help her clients attain their highest selves not only physically but also emotionally and mentally which according to her own words, ‘can bring about a holistic wellness reality‘.

She has completed the one-month, 200 hour teacher training course from The Yoga Institute at Santacruz, Mumbai and has also completed the 7 month in-depth Yoga Teacher Training Course from the same institute. Apart from experience in Pilates and HIIT, she is a trained and Certified Life Coach with the International Coaches Federation (ICF). In her spare time, she takes a keen interest in self-development and growth, nutrition and fitness philosophies / practices and continues to update and enrich her own knowledge in the always-evolving world of fitness and wellness. In her own words, ‘I believe holistic wellness is the foundation upon which all other facets of life can be strongly built.’


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