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The main task of a personal trainer is to help clients achieve a more positive state of physical transformation. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced work out pro, our personal trainers have high ‘eq’ to connect with you and strike a healthy balance between establishing a personal relationship and getting a thorough workout.

Our personal trainers have one main credo – Your well being is our number 1 priority. The position of trust, reliability and responsibility that you place on your personal trainer must be respected and earned and never betrayed.

Effective Communicators

Our personal trainers have excellent people skills with very high EQ (emotional quotient). They are well-heeled in listening, communicative and demonstrate positive empathy with a wide spectrum of clients with varied backgrounds and personalities.

Teacher & Mentor

Our personal trainers are certified professionals knowledgeable in the exercise sciences – exercise physiology, sport medicine and injury prevention, basic & exercise nutrition, physical education, exercise & training techniques and anatomy & sport biomechanics. More importantly our trainers know how to touch someone’s life forever and to make a positive difference. A personal trainer is a mentor who will help you approach your wellness goals in a safe, efficient and streamlined way.

Look & Act Professional

Our personal trainers are ethical and respect boundaries. Our personal trainers dress and conduct themselves professionally at all times and are trained to steer clear of controversial dealings or communications with clients. A mentor-client relationship stays just that and is never allowed to develop beyond that. Any breach or misconduct once proved is dealt with immediate termination of contract and loss of face in the fitness community. Our trainers do not sell or force you to buy exercise products or nutritional supplements. Ultimately we practice what we preach. Our personal trainers look good, are fit and healthy – in mind, body and action.

Works With You to Set Realistic Goals

Realistic fitness goals are dependent on the:

a. genetic potential of the client.

b. current fitness and wellness condition of the client.

c. levels of time, motivation and commitment that the client can afford.

Based on the above three parameters, our personal trainers can develop a safe and effective exercise and nutrition program for you – one that can produce sustainable results. Our personal trainers understand the process of change within a human being and are able to guide and provide support to our clients through the challenging and often exhausting stages of change.

Tactful But Truthful

In business as in life, honesty and truthfulness is always a good policy and pays in the long run. Part of the job of a being a personal trainer is to educate clients about dishonest products that abound in the marketplace as also gimmicks and unhealthy practices like weight loss pills and body building drugs. At the same time, we are tactful in our approach and never domineering or fascist about what we think is right and what is wrong. Our job is just to point out the truth because as we said before – Your well being is number 1 priority. All our claims are always backed up by scientific and evidence-based approaches to show you the healthy and correct route to fitness.


  • Obese individuals must consult their doctor or physiotherapist before starting a training programme.
  • Private training Sessions can be conducted either at your home gym / housing society gym / local gym.
  • An air-conditioned training environment is ideal. No activities will be undertaken in direct sunlight or in hot environments.
  • Older adults must agree to undergo a history and physical examination directed at identifying cardiac risk factors, exertional signs/symptoms, and physical limitations.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and loose cotton clothes, and drink sufficient fluid before, during and after exercise.
  • Asthma sufferers should consult a doctor and undergo a physical examination where necessary to find out what types of activities are appropriate, identify exercise limitations and what to do to prevent an episode during exercise.

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