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Besides being a martial art, Kickboxing is a highly exciting combat sport and appeals to a wide variety of people from kids to young men & women to tough athletes. If you are seeking a new and challenging activity, then try kickboxing. You could be a housewife looking to learn some good self defense techniques or a young man thinking of scaling the peaks of fitness. No matter what your goals, look no further. We at Wellintra have the right kickboxing instructor for you. Kickboxing is one sport that offers you a total mind-body connection. The ultimate message that Kickboxing can teach you is this: Hard Work and Determination are the Ingredients for Success!

Kickboxing relies more on technique rather than raw muscle power. Which means that a woman can bring down a 100 kilo man if she has learnt the skills! Unless fighting in the wild is your goal, kickboxing is not a brutal sport. Rather, it involves mastering the art of staying power. With our trainers, you may not end up fighting in the ring, but you will be training with as much intensity as a fighter. At Wellintra, we love to promote kickboxing to our many clients and if you are newcomer to this sport, we are absolutely confident that you will love it too. As fitness professionals, we hope to motivate you to start on the lifelong journey to kickboxing, good health and ultimately personal growth!

Enough of the talking. Now lets kick some butt!

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