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Dance Fitness forms like Zumba ®, Bollywood & Folk Fusion can not only help you get a good cardio workout but also increase your stamina, flexibility, balance and coordination. And need we mention that you will also have the time of your life while keeping fit at the same time. No wonder that dance fitness forms like Zumba ® have taken India and the whole world by storm! At Wellintra we hand pick and choose the best dance instructors in your city. Whether you are an event company looking for a Bollywood dance instructor to shake up the proceedings at a Hotel conference or whether you want a Zumba ® instructor to conduct regular classes and infuse some zest and energy in your company’s wellness initiatives, talk to us. Like dozens of other companies who have availed the services of a Wellintra Dance Fitness Instructor, we will only be too happy to help you meet your objectives.

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