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Yoga Trainers Instructors Andheri

Silky is a highly committed and devoted Yoga instructor who trains our clients in the Andheri East area of Mumbai. She has undergone the rigorous 900 hours 2 year TTC (Teacher Training Certificate) from the World’s oldest yoga institute – The Yoga Institute in Santacruz East, Mumbai. Having worked for some years in the highly competitive and dynamic IT product industry, Silky is now a full time personal and corporate group yoga instructor. Silky believes that regular yoga practice focussed around self-discovery, unlearning and re-orienting oneself towards the challenges of practice can help a person slow down and start living in harmony with oneself and with the world around us. She believes that the most important and valuable lesson that yoga teaches a person is to not only accept your own self with all it’s flaws but also be more accepting of others. Life is a metaphor and when you start looking inwards your perspective changes and you begin to find the right answers – answers that can completely change your outlook on life!

Silky loves to teach yoga in both one-off classes as well as group sessions where she helps her students to explore the deeper aspects of yoga and be mindful of all the changes that yoga brings to your life off the mat. Like all good yoga teachers, she is of the opinion that yoga practice does not mean perfection but rather organically growing from one moment to another and finally reach a place where you become the best version of yourself! If you live in Andheri East, start training under Silly and experience for yourself the power of Yoga!


  • 900 hrs. TTC from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai
  • MBA from MICA, Ahmedabad


Hatha Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Corporate Yoga
Yoga Sutra Philosophy
Pranayama & Meditation

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Yoga Teachers Hiranandani Thane

Aparna is one of the best yoga trainers you can find in Thane and trains our clients in the Thane and Mulund areas. With a background in HR and Marketing, Aparna has quit the 9 – 5 corporate lifestyle and is now a full time yoga practitioner and yoga teacher. Having been born and raised on two continents, Aparna has explored international heritage, lived in the Middle East and traveled across Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Middle East, Asia and of course India! Aparna has multiple certifications in yoga having completed her 200 hour TTC (teacher training certificate) from Shiv yoga peeth, Rishikesh & has also completed her 300 Hour TTC from Yogadarshanam, Mysore. She has also attended advanced yoga workshops at Bali, Nepal, Mysore, Dharamshala, Pokhara and Gilli Island (Indonesia).  Aparna has been teaching yoga since 2013 and has experience teaching privately as well as groups of all sizes.

As a Yoga instructor, Aparna has been trained in various styles such as Traditional Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa / Power yoga, Therapy for Acute back pain / shoulder pain / neck pain / weight reduction / knee and draws from various practices and incorporates them into a fulfilling and satisfying class for all her students. According to her, when you find and face difficulties and challenges on the mat then a sense of determination and purpose seeps into your life when you are off the mat. Aparna’s classes are challenging but at the same time uplifting because she takes a student beyond the physical aspects of yoga and helps them to create a union between mind and body.

By incorporating a wide variety of poses and creative sequencing, Aparna’s classes helps build strength, co-ordination, balance and stability and helps unlock the dormant capabilities that lies buried deep within ourselves. Apart from yogasanas, Aparna also stresses on basic and advanced pranayam techniques. Her classes are also incomplete without Meditation. In her own words, “Japa and Tratak Meditation can be performed by anyone to attain a blissful state of mind throughout the day.” She has also practiced and learned the art of Meditation from the OSHO MEDITATION CENTER, Rishikesh as well as the art of Yin Yoga which is effective for practitioners who have stiff muscles. Start training under Aparna and you will begin to experience the rigour and discipline that only an experienced and committed yoga instructor can bring to your life.


    • 300 Hour TTC from Yogadarshanam, Mysore
    • 200 hour TTC from Shiv yoga peeth, Rishikesh
    • Art of Meditation Certificate from Osho Ganga Dham, Rishikesh
    • MBA (Human resource) ITM Chennai
    • BBA (Marketing) MAHE Manipal Dubai


Hatha Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Flow Yoga
Yin Yoga
Yoga Therapy

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Personal Yoga Teachers Powai

Megha is one of Wellintra’s most disciplined and committed yoga instructors training our clients in the Andheri East, Chandivali and Powai areas. Megha’s yoga journey began more than a decade ago and over the years as she began to feel the amazing transformation yoga had upon her life, she felt compelled to share the gift of yoga with others. She has completed the 200 HOUR ASHTANGA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING program from the Ohm Santih Yoga Institute in Singapore. Apart from that she has also successfully completed the 95 hrs. Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course from the same institute. For Megha, yoga is not only a passion but also a lifestyle and one that enables her to navigate the pushes and pulls of daily life with ease and comfort.

Her own daily practice of Yoga starts with pranayama and asana practice in the mornings and meditation in the evenings. Megha believes that the connection between the body, mind and soul is a sacred connection and that this union must be strengthened, nurtured and inspired. Keeping that in mind, every class of Megha whether it be a private one-to-one class or a group session, she teaches from the heart thus creating an inspiring and safe environment for her students. In her classes, she encourages her students to explore their own potential and keep on expanding themselves within their bodies and their consciousness. In her classes, she offers detailed verbal cues and gives expert adjustments and modifications to help her students have a more complete experience of their yoga practice. Breath and proper posture and alignment are of utmost significance in Megha’s classes. She encourages her students to explore their strengths, work on focusing their mind inwards and try to find balance both on and off the mat!


  • 200 hrs. TTC from Ohm Santih Yoga, Singapore
  • 95 hrs. TTC in Kids Yoga


Ashtanga Yoga
Yoga Adjustments
Yoga Therapy
Yoga Philosophy
Guided Yoga Meditation

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Anita Yoga Teacher South Mumbai

Anita is a dedicated and thoroughly consummate yoga teacher and practitioner. Anita teaches yoga to Wellintra’s clients in South Mumbai from Mahalaxmi and Lower Parel to Colaba and Cuffe Parade. Yoga means the world to Anita. According to her, regular practice of yoga can help you become strong and flexible, calm a hyperactive mind and enable you to clearly see what is the most important thing in your life. Moreover, since it can still your mind and bring you to reside in the present moment, Yoga can make people realise that true happiness cannot be found on the outside but inside. At Wellintra we thoroughly endorse that belief since our very name means Well (Wellness) + Intra (Within)! For committed young yoga teachers like Anita and for so many others, years of searching for the true meaning of life and searching everywhere for happiness has lead them back to themselves, their practise and the journey of yoga!

Anita mainly teaches traditional yoga in her personal as well as group classes and teaches Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga styles. In her classes, she shares with her students the tools and the means to not only become better in the practise of yoga but also the tools that lead to a happier and more fulfilled existence. Anita’s yoga classes are highly accessible and all-inclusive whether you be male or female, young or old, a complete beginner or experienced, fit or unfit. Whatever stage of the journey that you might be in, as a yoga instructor, she will instantly make you feel at ease and make you access the joy of Yoga right from the very first class. In her own words, “My aim as a yoga teacher is to prove to everybody that Yoga is for everyone. Anyone can do yoga as long as you have a body and you are able to breathe! These two things are all you need to start doing Yoga. Yoga is not about how flexible you can be nor is it about twisting yourself into a knot. Yoga is about feeling and exploring and going beyond the limits of your body, developing a higher degree of awareness and staying in the present moment.”


  • 200 hrs. TTC from Kaivalyadham
  • Masters in Business Administration


Hatha Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Therapeutic Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Yogic Cleansing Techniques

To Book Anita for a private or group yoga session, call on +91 98 20 607 875 or use the form below:


Best Yoga Trainers in India

Nisha is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher and meditation instructor with experience teaching groups and one-on-one clients. A passionate yogi and a passionate yoga instructor, she currently resides in Panjim, Goa and conducts Yoga workshops in both Goa and Mumbai. She also takes personal training sessions for a select few intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners and also conducts corporate yoga workshops for Wellintra Fitness. Nisha has completed her RYT-200 Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. She has also received separate training in meditation techniques, including Vipassana, Metta, Chakra meditation, Trataka, and guided meditations and moreover has ample experience leading meditation classes. As a personal and group yoga trainer, it is of primary importance to Nisha to consult clients on their health problems and provide safe adjustments whenever necessary.

Her yoga practice is focused on alignment while incorporating pranayama. She teaches Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha styles. As a Yoga Trainer, Nisha has a holistic approach towards the Yogic lifestyle and is also open to incorporating other practices in her teaching sessions if desired, such as Reiki of which she is devout practitioner. Additionally, she has had international experience designing and teaching corporate wellness programs that have included various styles of yoga, meditation, and wellness education.

With excellent written and verbal communication skills and a positive and friendly attitude, Nisha is poised to climb the top echelons of the Yoga Business in India. Apart from Yoga, she has had several years of experience within the hospitality industry with management, brand awareness, training, and social media marketing. As someone who was born and raised in Canada, her unique experience as someone who brings a variety of teaching experience with Western clients, as well as an understanding of Indian culture are qualities that has endeared her to her many students and corporate clients.


  • RYT-200 from Rishikesh, India
  • Reili Level II Attunement
  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Program (MSBR)
  • BA in Psychology from Ryerson University


Hatha Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga
Creative Yoga Sequencing
Mindfulness Group Facilitation
Guided Meditations
Wellness Program Design
Designing Learning Materials

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