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Dietician in Mumbai

Krupa is one of our finest diet and nutrition consultants and conducts nutrition and diet counseling and diet therapy sessions for our clients at our clinic in Andheri West as well as privately. At Wellintra we firmly believe that a proper Diet and Nutrition programme adapted to your own lifestyle is the single most important factor in the success of any fitness or weight loss programme. Accordingly we place an equal emphasis on nutrition and diet for those who want to undergo personal training or want to lose weight with the help of yoga, functional fitness, kickboxing or weight training. Krupa adds her considerable expertise to helping our ongoing as well as new clients understand the impact that correct diet and nutrition has one’s performance both on and off the training mat and helps our clients maintain a healthy diet through scientific assesments, designing diet recipes around one’s lifestyle and by constantly monitoring and evaluating one’s progress through phone calls and chat applications.

Natural Weight Loss

During the first fitness consultation, Krupa analyses the calorie and nutrient intake via health assessments. All the findings of the initial reports are then compiled and analysed in order to create a personalised client report. She then evaluates how the diet compares to the ideal diet that the client should be having in order to achieve the desired results. A day-to-day diet plan is then devised after analyzing one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Krupa’s mantra is “Eat Right to Lose Right to Feel Right’! The pressures of modern life and trying to juggle the immense stress of one’s professional life coupled with maintaining a balance in one’s personal lives can leave a person feeling drained and out-of-sorts. Krupa’s diet plans are natural, safe and based on scientific principles and methodologies. Which is why unlike the results (if any!) achieved at slimming centres that promise instant weight loss, her results are permanent and long term. Krupa also develops specific diet plans for our clients who are planning special occasions and want to look their best be it a holiday, a wedding, an anniversary or a family get together. Krupa offers consultations in the following areas:

Fat Loss
Weight Gain
Body Builders Diet Plan
Obesity Management for Kids
Diabetes Management
Pre Natal Diet Plans
Management of High BP, Cholesterol
Quick Slimming Before Wedding


  • Masters in Clinical Nutrition And Dietetics.
  • Bachelors of Home Science with specialization in Applied Nutrition.
  • Certified Diabetes Educator, NEDP
  • Diploma Certificate in Patanjali Yoga, Mumbai University

Dietician Krupa’s Methodology

To Book Krupa for a private diet counseling session or for a consultation at our clinic, call on 98 20 607 875 or use the form below:

Neha Chandana

best nutrionist andheri

Neha is a young and dynamic dietician and nutritionist and is a strong believer of the fact that one needs to eat to perform rather than survive in today’s hectic lifestyle.


Neha has an M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management, Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition (ISSA) and is a certified Reebok fitness counselor. She interacts with sportsmen and individuals who are obese or victims of lifestyle issues like diabetes, thyroid, osteoporosis, PCOS etc. as well as the general fitness conscious person. She educates and conducts seminars and workshops for corporates, BPOs and MNC’s and advises corporate employees about the ‘Right ways of eating and living’. Neha also writes articles for magazines like New Woman, Beauty and Salon, Mother’s world, Teenager Today, Cookery Plus etc. Neha is a Lifetime member of the Indian Dietetics Association and the Nutrition Society of India and has attended several programs of Continuous Nutrition Education on nutrition medical health.

Neha’s Nutrition Philosophy

Neha firmly believes that:

  • YOU must eat to perform in life rather than just survive.
  • NO FADS, NO PILLS – only lifestyle modification, nutritious food and physical activity can impart a feel-good factor along with an appreciable figure/physique and keep you in optimum physical condition.
  • There is no miracle food or magic potion for losing weight. One just has to eat the right food at the right time and in the right quantity.
  • You don’t gain weight overnight, nor can you lose it overnight. Weight loss is a slow process in which your body learns to burn the fat it has stored.
  • By starving, fasting, acupuncture and other fads etc. you can weigh less on the weighing scale but all it means is that your body has lost precious water, muscle, bone and little fat! Consequently you lose your energy, stamina, luster of your skin and hair and so on. FAT loss is way better that WEIGHT loss!
  • Your body is your temple. Listen to your body and observe the signs that it gives you because ultimately there is NO MACHINE THAT CAN DO WHAT YOUR BODY CAN!


• Individual diet & exercise counseling
Weight Loss / Gain / Maintenance
Diabetes / BP / Hypertension
Diabetes / BP / Hypertension
Skin and Hair Issues
Online diet counseling
Corporate Seminars

To Book Neha for a consultation, call on 98 20 607 875.




Jennifer Dhuri

Best dietician in Mumbai

Jennifer is a Registered Dietician practicing for over a decade and a half and consults with Wellintra’s clients for Diet and Nutrition Advice and monitoring.


– Graduate from the SVT College of Home Science, SNDT University.

– Post graduate diploma holder in “Dietetics” from IHMCTAN (Mumbai).


– Senior Dietician at B.D. Petit Parsee General Hospital, Mumbai for 5 years.

– Part of the academic team giving lectures on Dietetics and Nutrition at the Parsee General Nursing School.

– Currently working as a Consultant Dietitian for Reputed Hospitals in Mumbai namely Paramount Hospital, Medicare Hospital, Ashirwad Hospital, Ageless Medica Aesthetic Clinic, Hiranandani Hospital, Powai among others.

– Worked as a Dietician at the SCN Sports Club, Kandivli (East), Mumbai for a period of 2 years.

– Consulted at the Heavenly Spa @ the The Westin Hotel, Mumbai.

– Involved with Nutrition Camps for Pregnancy and Lactation since 2010.

– Conducts consultations for corporate, conducts talks and presentations for various companies / associations / schools.


Weight Loss / Gain
Diabetic Diet Advice
Cardiac Diet Advice
Hormonal problem (PCOD, Hypothyroidism)
Bone Disorders Diet
Pregnancy and Lactation Diet
Child Obesity Diet
Hair, Skin and Nail Health
Food Analysis and Labeling
Corporate Lectures & Seminars
Recipe & Menu Development

Jennifer has a lot of one-on-one experience with clients who struggle with weight issues. She teaches them to inculcate food habits that soon becomes intuitive. She specializes in working with women and men who:

  • Have been on numerous diets but still struggle with weight
  • Are disconnected from their bodies
  • Eat for emotional reasons and/or eat erratically
  • Want help from a food coach, not a food cop
  • Want to take charge of their personal health
  • Want to be able to enjoy food and look forward to meals without giving up on losing weight safely
  • Want to get off the diet rollercoaster and develop a self-nurturing relationship with food.


“Nutrition to help not only health of the body but mind too!”.

To Book an appointment with Jennifer, call on 98 20 607 875.



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