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Sujoita is a young and multi-talented fitness instructor with specialization in Yoga and Dance fitness. As a personal yoga instructor who trains Welintra’s clients in Andheri West and Lokhandwala in Ashtanga Yoga and Dance-Yoga Fusion, her multi-disciplinary approach towards Fitness and Yoga has endeared her to all her clients who swear by her fun teaching style and her command over Yoga, Body Toning, Pilates and Body Strengthening techniques. Sujoita has successfully completed the renowned 18 month Diploma in Dance Foundation Course which is an undergraduate program from the Terence Lewis Academy in Mumbai which trains one for mastery over Modern Dance, Strength Training and Yoga. She also has a special Certificate & Badge for Body Flexibility from the Terence Lewis Academy.

With a pleasing personality and an ability to communicate effectively, Sujoita helps her clients grasp techniques and asanas faster and designs effective weight loss, body toning and flexibility programs that are tailor-made to the ability of each client whatever be their own fitness levels. If you are looking for a dedicated Yoga Trainer or a Dance Instructor with extraordinary fitness levels and extremely high levels of motivation and commitment to excellence, look no further!


  • Diploma in Dance Foundation Course (DIDFC)
  • F.Y.B.SC from Mumbai University (2011-2012)
  • HSC Passed from CBSE Kolkata 2010
  • SSC Passed from CBSE Kolkata 2008


Ashtanga Yoga
Dance Fitness
Body Toning
Dance Fusion

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personal yoga teacher powai

Tarika is a certified Personal Yoga Trainer who is also a qualified Civil Engineer and a Reiki Master. After 7 years of flying as an air hostess, Tarika hung up her boots and plunged into practising and teaching yoga full time having completed the 200 hour teacher training course from The Yoga Institute at Santacruz, Mumbai . Tarika believes that the role of the yoga teacher is to provide inspired support and informed guidance to students pursuing varied goals be it – to relax and reduce stress, to lose weight or tone their bodies or to find inner harmony and a sense of well being and balance. Yoga is a way to heal and to feel whole and for Tarika, the role of the teacher is to provide inspired support and informed guidance to students ursuing these varied and changing goals. She believes that when teachers create safe and nurturing yoga classes where students can explore and experience anew the body, mind, and spirit, amazing things start to happen!

According to Tarika, ‘Teaching yoga is about having a solid understanding of yoga in your own body, than it is about memorizing information, names of postures, or any other external knowledge of yoga. Yoga is experiential and you have to have some degree of mastery in your own practice, in your own body first before you teach others.’ Apart from being an expert in Yoga, Tarika is also a Dancer with expertise in Salsa, Bachata and Merengue ( Latin Dances – Intermediate Level).


Dance Fitness
Power Yoga

To Book Tarika for a private or group fitness session, call on 98 20 607 875 or use the form below:


Pilates Instructor Mumbai

Aakriti is a highly engaging, young and vibrant all round fitness trainer with special training in Dance Fitness, Weight Training and Yoga. As a Mumbai-based personal trainer and health coach, Aakriti provides one-on-one attention to her clients ensuring effective training for all fitness goals. Being highly fit and highly committed and dedicated to fitness in her own life, she is well equipped to translate her own fitness success and mantras to her clients by nurturing their spirit and motivating them through her workouts which are always inspiring, fun and challenging. She is always eager to affect change in the fitness quotient of people around her and aims to help her clients attain their highest selves not only physically but also emotionally and mentally which according to her own words, ‘can bring about a holistic wellness reality‘.

She has completed the one-month, 200 hour teacher training course from The Yoga Institute at Santacruz, Mumbai and has also completed the 7 month in-depth Yoga Teacher Training Course from the same institute. Apart from experience in Pilates and HIIT, she is a trained and Certified Life Coach with the International Coaches Federation (ICF). In her spare time, she takes a keen interest in self-development and growth, nutrition and fitness philosophies / practices and continues to update and enrich her own knowledge in the always-evolving world of fitness and wellness. In her own words, ‘I believe holistic wellness is the foundation upon which all other facets of life can be strongly built.’


Dance Fitness
Body Building

To Book Aakriti for a private or group fitness session, call on 98 20 607 875 or use the form below:

Shweta Dsouza

fitness weight loss trainers in bandra

Shweta is a young fitness and lifestyle trainer who trains our clients in Mumbai wishing to get trained in functional training, weight loss, dance fitness and yoga. Having started her career as a dancer at a young age, she started choreographing dance shows by the age of 15. She has also trained extensively in Capoeira – a mixed martial arts cum dance routine that originated in Brazil and is highly popular among young Indians. As a constantly evolving Capoeirista and Fitness fanatic, Shweta mixes up her delicate dance and posture knowledge along with intensive fitness workouts and has designed her own brand of fitness workouts that is not only fun, exhilarating and thrilling but also suits people of all body types and ages.

Shweta is also qualified as trained Yoga Trainer having completed her 200 hours TTC from the Santacruz Yoga Institute in Mumbai. In a typical workout session with Shweta you can expect an amalgamation of dance, yoga, pilates, body balance, movements and base martial arts that will help you lose weight, have fun and prevent boredom thanks to the varied and spirited routines. ‘Restless feet that won’t stop moving’ is her motto and having exited a corporate career as a brand communications manager, she is now concentrating full time on training her select but growing list of clients who swear by her energy, commitment and passion for fitness.


General Fitness

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Deepa Prithyani

Zumba Instructor Trainer Mumbai

Deepa Prithyani trains Wellintra’s clients in the areas of Zumba and Dance Fitness. Deepa is a highly enthusiastic dance & fitness trainer with over 14 years of experience in offering fitness training, dance choreography and kids activity programs in Mumbai. Deepa is a highly passionate and dedicated fitness trainer with excellent communication and teaching skills. With experience as a teacher in international pre-schools, Deepa is adept at handling kids and adults alike. Apart from training clients solo or in groups, Deepa is also adept at designing and organizing fun-and-dance events for varied age groups right from young kids ( 2 years and above) to teenagers and adults as well as working women and mothers.


Swing / Jive
Contemporary Dance
Hip hop
Power Yoga

To Book Deepa and her assistants for a dance fitness session, call on 98 20 607 875 or use the form below.

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