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Age: Twenties
Experience: 5 + years
Specialization: Ashtanga Yoga

Meeta is one of the finest yoga instructors in the Wellintra team and trains our clients from Andheri West to South Mumbai. Meeta was always intrigued by movement, dance, nature, healing and energy from a very early age. She started practising yoga in her teens and started exploring the world of yoga, organic movement, breath and meditation. With a growing sense of fulfillment and happiness, it was only natural for her to move to advanced yogic practises and go on to obtain basic and advanced yoga teaching training certification.

Training Experience

What are Meeta's certifications?

Meeta has multiple certifications in Yoga. She is certified from the Shivananda Yog Institute, Madurai. Additionally she has a BSc in Yoga from the acclaimed SVYASA Institute, Bangalore. She has also learnt Ashtanga Vinyasa in Mysore for a month.

What are Meeta's views about yoga & training?

As a yoga instructor, Meeta wants to share her knowledge of yoga and yoga therapy techniques with her students in a professional but down-to-earth manner because every student of yoga is at a different stage in their journey and it is best to impart knowledge with humility and grace. According to her, learning yoga should be a journey and not a race. She has spent months studying in various ashrams and yoga retreats and many of her experiences have found their way into her own training routine.

What are Meeta's training methods?

Meeta takes her profession as a yoga teacher very seriously as it has taken her many years or hard work, dedication, commitment and strong determination to be able to tread the path of yoga in her own life and to continue on to the path of teaching others. She believes that anyone can do yoga regardless of their age, sex or medical conditions. According to her, "A good yoga teacher can help you to acknowledge your own limitations and show you how to move with them and beyond what you earlier thought was possible. Yoga can help you to move beyond your comfort levels and push the boundaries of your life - both physically and mentally."

Is Meeta available for personal training?

Yes. Meeta is available to train in South Mumbai from Lower Parel to Colaba.


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