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Age: Thirties
Experience: 10 + years
Specialization: Pilates

Brishti is a qualified physiotherapist and a certified fitness trainer with over 14 years of combined experience in the fields of physiotherapy and fitness training. Brishti is able to effectively advise and train her clients with personalised training programs that are not only scientific in their approach but also effective in meeting precise fitness goals. As a physiotherapist and fitness trainer, she always aims to modify the fitness regime of her client’s based on their medical conditions if any.

Training Experience

What are Brishti's certifications?

Brishti is a first class graduate from G.S. Medical College, KEM Hospital. She has multiple qualifications and expertise in the fields of Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Fitness.

What are Brishti's other skills?

Brishti is also experienced in group training and corporate group fitness that includes Pilates, High Intensity Interval Training programs like Tabata, Aerobics, Swiss Ball Workouts, Bootcamp, Body Weight Training, Power Yoga etc.

Is Brishti available for personal training?

Yes. Brishti is available for personal training as well as group sessions.







Circuit Training

Swiss Ball Workouts


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