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Age: Twenties
Experience: 5 + years
Specialization: Ashtanga Yoga

Ashwini is an advanced yoga instructor who trains our clients in South Mumbai, Mahalaxmi & Parel. With almost 5 years of experience in teaching yoga to students of all age groups and levels, Ashwini believes that no amount of training and experience can substitute daily yoga practice and pushes herself with her daily practice. In her private as well as group classes, Ashwini imparts knowledge along the eight limb paths of Rajah Yoga i.e. understanding human anatomy, practice of asanas, pranayama, meditation and understanding the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. achieved in that process.

Training Experience

What are Ashwini's qualifications?

Ashwini is certified from the Svyasa Yoga Institute in Bangalore. She is also a QCi Qualified Yoga Instructor from the Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India. She has also undergone the intensive 900 hours Ashtanga Yoga Course from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai.

What is Ashwini's teaching style?

In her instructions, Ashwini emphasizes the importance of breath and body working together throughout the duration of the practice. She teaches yoga in such a way that the goal of mind-body connection is achieved in that process.

What is Ashwini's philosophy towards yoga?

In her own words, “Yoga can help a person achieve greater vitality of physical health and also achieve deep inner peace by steadying the mind.” As a yoga teacher, Ashwini is fully devoted to sharing her love for the practice and teaching of yoga. In the end according to Ashwini – anyone can do yoga and she believes it is her job to show those who think that they cant do yoga that they can!

Is Ashwini available for personal training?

Yes. Ashwini is available to train clients in South Mumbai namely Lower Parel, Byculla, Mahalaxmi, Pedder Road, Breach Candy & Colaba Cuffe Parade.


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