Pre Natal Yoga

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Pre Natal Yoga

Being pregnant and giving birth is one of the most natural things on this planet. Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body is at it’s fullest potential. But the fact also remains that pregnancy can be a trying time and many women can find their natural life balance tilted due to the increase in hormone levels and the wide ranging physical changes that takes place within the body. Add to that the pressures of modern life and one can well understand why some women can find this to be a challenging period of their life. The increase in medical care and attention has indeed made pregnancy and childbirth a lot safer and less life-threatening than in the past. But due to this, the whole process can seem very artificial, clinical and complex which results in some women tuning out from the natural experience. This is a tragedy of sorts because every woman deserves to feel fully connected and one with her own body and her unborn child.

Why Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga can be an invaluable tool in making the process of pregnancy and birth an overall easier and more positive experience. Yoga is highly recommended by birthing experts and medical practitioners all over the world as an Indian practice that combines physical postures with breathing, meditation and visualisation techniques in order to maintain body-mind discipline. The yoga postures (asanas) provide a gentler form of stretching and strengthening that keeps the body fit and flexible during the pregnancy months. Breathing (pranayama), meditation and visualisation techniques helps expectant mothers to accept change, to keep a positive outlook and deepen the connection with their baby in the womb.

Practising yoga during pregnancy also acts as a maintenance program on a basic level and helps to support all the major systems and keeps a woman’s skeletal, muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine and reproductive systems in perfect harmony and balance as much as possible during the times of pregnancy. Regular pre natal yoga practice can also help to minimize common symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness and constipation and ease labour pains and help to restore a woman’s body after the childbirth.

Even hardened health conscious and highly fit women can be shocked by the effects of pregnancy. Seasoned yoga practioners who have been practising yoga for many years may have felt stable and balanced before their pregnancy. But the overnight change in their bodies and the accompanying rush of increased hormones and rapidly shifting emotions as well as the huge changes that happen to one’s body and mind can leave many supremely fit women reeling. Yoga during pregnancy can help a woman maintain a sense of balance and perspective in their lives. Yoga allows a woman to remain physically strong. But more importantly, regular practice of yoga can give a woman the mental and emotional stability she needs in the midst of massive changes taking place all around her.

Best Pregnancy Yoga Specialists

With a scarcity of correct information and resources on this subject, Wellintra Fitness has brought together some of the best maternity and pre and post natal yoga specialists in Mumbai to help women enjoy and embrace their experience of pregnancy in a more profound way. The pre natal yoga trainers at Wellintra will help design an accessible program for beginners and and also help experienced yoga practioners to adapt their existing yoga practice to one that is suitable for pregnancy.

Our hope is that we will be able to empower Mumbai’s pregnant women to practise regularly and become more in tune with their natural power, remain strong and healthy, and deliver beautiful, balanced, strong and confident children!

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