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Top Zumba Instructors in Mumbai

Dance Fitness forms like Zumba ®, Bollywood & Folk Fusion can not only help you get a good cardio workout but also increase your stamina, flexibility, balance and coordination. And need we mention that you will also have the time of your life while keeping fit at the same time. No wonder that dance fitness forms like Zumba ® have taken India and the whole world by storm! At Wellintra we hand pick and choose the best dance instructors in your city. Whether you are an event company looking for a Bollywood dance instructor to shake up the proceedings at a Hotel conference or whether you want a Zumba ® instructor to conduct regular classes and infuse some zest and energy in your company’s wellness initiatives, talk to us. Like dozens of other companies who have availed the services of a Wellintra Dance Fitness Instructor, we will only be too happy to help you meet your objectives.

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Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness Trainers Mumbai

Functional Fitness workouts for those who dislike working with weights and want to gain strength, power and flexibility. A good functional fitness workout will improve your sense of balance and coordination while at the same improve your strength and range of motion. Wellintra fitness has certified personal trainers who apart from functional training can also train in T.R.X suspension, band workouts, Cardio variations and body weight workouts. Read More

Yoga Fitness

Wellintra Yoga Teachers

Whether you’re an advanced yoga practitioner or are just deciding to embark on Yoga, our Personal Yoga Instructors will help you restore your health, relieve your pain make you feel better than you have ever felt in your life before.

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Kickboxing Instructors Mumbai

Besides being a martial art, Kickboxing is a highly exciting combat sport and appeals to a wide variety of people from kids to young men & women to tough athletes. If you are seeking a new and challenging activity, then try kickboxing. You could be a housewife looking to learn some good self defense techniques or a young man thinking of scaling the peaks of fitness. No matter what your goals, look no further. We at Wellintra have the right kickboxing instructor for you. Kickboxing is one sport that offers you a total mind-body connection. The ultimate message that Kickboxing can teach you is this: Hard Work and Determination are the Ingredients for Success!

Kickboxing relies more on technique rather than raw muscle power. Which means that a woman can bring down a 100 kilo man if she has learnt the skills! Unless fighting in the wild is your goal, kickboxing is not a brutal sport. Rather, it involves mastering the art of staying power. With our trainers, you may not end up fighting in the ring, but you will be training with as much intensity as a fighter. At Wellintra, we love to promote kickboxing to our many clients and if you are newcomer to this sport, we are absolutely confident that you will love it too. As fitness professionals, we hope to motivate you to start on the lifelong journey to kickboxing, good health and ultimately personal growth!

Enough of the talking. Now lets kick some butt!

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Mixed Martial Arts

MMA Personal Trainer

If full combat sport turns you on then we have the best pool of trainers in the areas of combat sports and martial arts. Whether its boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, karate, taekwondo, capoeira, judo or Brazilian jiu-jitsu, we have a trainer for you whatever be your experience level. Train in a single martial art form or train in different styles with multiple coaches, you are bound to improve your Cardiovascular conditioning, speed drills, strength training and flexibility by leaps and bounds. MMA is suitable to be practiced by people and it is safe for anyone of any age, gender and background. Call us today for a free trial session!

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