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Heath Benefits of Improved Flexibility


Having adequate flexibility in one’s body is of utmost importance and should be one of the self-professed goals of anyone who is serious about his / her long term fitness. Flexibility can be defined as the range of movement in a joint or in several joints and is developed by stretching the soft tissues primarily around the joints. This means that your joints would have the ability to move freely through it’s full normal range of motion. Read More

Setting Appropriate Goals For Yoga Practice

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One of the best traditional definitions of Yoga is “The arrangement of the different components of the body in a specific way.” The word ‘asana’ is a Sanskrit word derived from the word ‘as’ which means “to sit” or “to be present” and in the context of Yoga, means to be “established in a certain posture”. Historically though, the term Yoga refers to the wide range of bodily postures that have been taught and passed on by generations of teachers in India over millennia. Read More

General Principles of Physical Training

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There are some general principles of training that one must adhere to before starting any physical fitness regimen. These principles of training take into account your genetic make-up, your fitness training history, motivation and commitment, strength, endurance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. It is our trainer’s job to help you navigate the training regimen in order to produce the best results that you can get. Read More

Yoga is For Everyone

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Yoga is a global culture and if you have decided to practice Yoga, you are part of a global movement towards wellness drawing from India’s glorious traditions of the past. The teachings of Yoga transcend racial, cultural and religious barriers. It’s deep and enduring value as a total and all-encompassing system for self development is being discovered by people from all cultures and from every part of the world. Read More

So You Want to Hire a Personal Trainer

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So you have decided that you would like to enlist the services of a personal trainer. Good decision we say! You can now expect to achieve faster results, become more efficient in your workouts and reduce the possibility of debilitating injuries in your life. But before you start, there needs to be a small analysis done of your current fitness levels which will help our trainers tailor make an intelligent and bespoke fitness programme to help you get into the shape of your dreams. Let us look at some of the parameters that we will need to check. Read More

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