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Fun Fitness At the Office

At Wellintra Fitness we have the best, youngest, fittest, most good looking (why not?!!) and the most articulate and energetic corporate fitness instructors in town! We believe that we are contributing in our own little way in powering India’s economy! We are helping improve employee morale at the workplace and alleviating physical pain and disorders with the help of our weekly dance fitness and yoga sessions at many corporate offices throughout Mumbai and Delhi. A fit and healthy office employee is a productive employee and happier and pain-free people at the workplace greatly increases the output and the quality of products created and services rendered by India’s large conglomerates. Most employees in corporate companies cannot spare time for a regular workout schedule because of the lack of time, work pressures and family commitments. Add the considerable travel time to office and back and you realise why there is a growing pandemic of obesity, high BP, diabetes and anxiety and stress-related problems among India’s young office-going population. Most corporate employees in today’s workplaces are stuck in marathon meetings after meetings, have poor dietary habits and rarely exercise. They come home exhausted, wanting nothing more than a pizza and a movie before going to sleep and then doing it all over again the next day. The result is that back pain and neck pain is the on the rise affecting their attendance at the workplace and resulting in poor performance at work.

Lets accept the fact that if exercising were simple and easy, most of us would be doing it. We believe that an exercise schedule must be able to fit comfortably into a person’s daily routine. Only then will someone stick to it. Our Office yoga instructors help induct simple stretches and yoga poses that can be done anywhere, anytime, whether one is in office, in meetings, on the phone or even lying in bed. These stretches are gentle and relaxing helping soothe tired and aching muscles and bones. Yoga done at the office in the middle of a workday can also help employees relax and and ease tension whether it is done during a spare fifteen minutes during lunch or between a couple of phone calls.

Zumba and Yoga every Friday

Dance fitness and yoga at the workplace can really help employees of an organization on many levels. They help strengthen a person physically, assists the digestive, immune and other bodily systems and also help the mind to remain calm, alert and focused. At Wellintra Fitness, we are trying to integrate the age-old wisdom of Yoga and bringing it into the modern workplace. Doing Yoga or participating in dance fitness at the office is over time becoming a natural thing to do at most offices worldwide which employees look forward to. Employees report that these activity sessions are an oasis of calm in the midst of a hectic day and helps them to maintain their physical health and restores their alertness and peace of mind.

We have recently started conducting Weekly Zumba and Yoga Sessions at the office premises of a leading retail giant headquartered in BKC Commercial Business District in Mumbai. Our ace Zumba Dance Instructor Tanya Powell started off the Zumba session in right earnest on a Friday Evening 4.30 pm at the company’s cafeteria / refuge area with about 35 people in attendance. After the high-octane Zumba session which left most employees breathless and ecstatic our ace corporate yoga instructor Chloe took over for the next 30 mins for some relaxing meditation and gentle yoga poses which not only cooled everyone’s heart rate down but also left them in the right mood for the long drive back home! Check some photographs from the session below and do remember to share this page with the HR department of your company if you would like us to conduct similar fun-fitness sessions at your workplace! You can reach us on 98206 07875.

                                                    – Atin Dasgupta – Founder of Wellintra

Zumba with Tanya

dance fitness at workplace

Tanya warms up the crowd

best zumba instructor mumbai

Some squats to Loosen up

zumba at office

Dancing is fun!

fitness sessions at office

Step up to the Music!

fitness in offices

Feel the Music

office yoga companies

Shake your Body!

employee wellness companies

Get Some Energy

zumba instructor for employee wellness

Let it all out!

zumba dance fitness mumbai

Men get into the game!

workouts at the office

Do what I am doing!

best zumba yoga instructors

Come on and let your hair down!

zumba fitness instructor

That’s What I am Sayin’!

zumba instructor tanya powell

Whoo! It was fun & exhilarating!



yoga at office

Chloe Takes over

yoga at office demo

The child pose for relaxation

Workplace Yoga

Relax your Back!

Flexibility for Employees

The Cat Pose

Corporate Yoga Instructors

Chloe Showing off – Can you Do This?!!

Workplace Office Yoga

Alright Lets get Serious!

Office Yoga at bandra BKC

The Downward Dog

Yoga Teacher Corporates

Feel the Stretch!

Training Office Yoga Employees

Strengthens Your Leg Muscles

Indian Corporate Yoga Instructor

Stretching the Arms

Employee Corporate Office Yoga

The Warrior Pose for the Weekend Warriors!

Workplace Flexibility

Excellent Hamstring Stretch

Office Stretching Yoga

Rising Up The Corporate Ladder!

Yoga for Employees in Mumbai

Take it Easy!

Yoga Instructor for Office

Balancing Poses are Fun!

best fitness trainers in mumbai

We’ve had enough Chloe Thank you!

corporate yoga experts mumbai delhi

Love you too!



  1. Want to make inquiry for corporate trainer | February 15, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    want to make an inquiry for zumba trainer for our office in Thane wagle Estate.

    Interested for once a week.

    • Tania Verma | February 17, 2017 at 3:18 pm

      Hi please call us for a detailed chat on your requirements for a Zumba Instructor. Thanks.


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