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Consulting Dietician and Nutritionist – Krupa Parekh

B.H.SC (App. Nutr.), M.H.Sc. (Clin.Nutr.Diet.) | CDE (Certifed Diabetes Educator)

Our Diet and Nutrition practice is headed by Krupa Parekh. Krupa is a young, highly educated and highly accomplished Nutritionist and is one of the finest diet and nutrition consultants in Mumbai. She has a masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics and a Bachelors in Applied Nutrition. Having worked in the past as a Sports Nutritionist with Reputed Lifestyle and Wellness studios and as a Clinical Dietitian at various hospitals in Mumbai, Krupa now has her individual practice as a Visiting Dietician at Wellintra Fitness. At Wellintra, she consults and advises our current roster of clients with nutrition and diet planning and designs weight loss programs for obese individuals as well as individuals who are prone to lifestyle ailments such as obesity, diabetes, anorexia, depression, substance abuse etc. In a typical working day, one can find her consulting with fitness enthusiasts, working mothers, body builders, teenagers, children, adults and senior citizens often all in one hectic jam-packed day!

The demographics of people who come to Krupa for consulting ranges from Housewives to Bodybuilders to Corporate Executives to Bollywood Stars to everyone in between! Krupa always aims to educate her clients on how to make intelligent, insightful and wise food and lifestyle choices in order to attain their ideal fitness goal by designing customized diets and exercise regimes. An eloquent speaker with a vibrant personality. Krupa is also an in-demand wellness coach and conducts wellness, nutrition and diet workshops for Corporate Clients throughout the year. A keen yoga and fitness enthusiast herself, she also has certification in YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) and personal training from reputed yoga and fitness institutes.


  • Masters in Clinical Nutrition And Dietetics.
  • Bachelors of Home Science with specialization in Applied Nutrition.
  • Certified Diabetes Educator, NEDP
  • Diploma Certificate in Patanjali Yoga, Mumbai University

Diet and Nutrition Services

Krupa will help you shed flab and inches in the correct manner with zero side effects. By instilling correct eating habits and by ditching instant approaches, Krupa will ensure that the fat stays off for good!
Krupa will personally tailor make and supervise the food and nutrition habits of expectant mothers in order to ensure that mother and baby get the maximum amount of nutrition for a healthy baby.
Kids in today’s world have extremely poor dietary habits which reflects in their performance at school and sports. Krupa will ensure that your child ingests the correct food to turnaround energy levels.
For some people putting on weight is easy but for some it is extremely difficult. Krupa will ensure that the weight that is added is dense muscle mass which not only looks good but also ensures optimum health.
Diabetes can be extremely debilitating. As a specialist Diabetes Educator, Krupa will ensure that the correct food choices and eating habits will go a long way in living effortlessly.
Diet for sports persons and fitness enthusiasts is an exact science. Krupa’s diet and nutrition plans will ensure that your body gets the right amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals for a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss Packages

₹ 6,000/-

3 counseling sessions

2 Body Fat Analysis
3 Body Measurements
Whatsapp Assistance
₹ 16,500/-

7 counseling sessions

7 Body Fat Analysis
7 Body Measurements
Whatsapp Assistance

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