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At Wellintra Fitness we take great pride in helping scores of companies embrace a fitness culture amongst their employees with the help of regular yoga sessions and Dance fitness sessions like Zumba within the company premises. We empanel some of the smartest, fittest and most motivated fitness instructors in India whose sole mission in life is to see others get fit and lead healthy and productive lives. Our yoga instructors particularly are very popular with companies who want to have regular yoga sessions for their employees. We recently started conducting yoga sessions for the employees of a Mumbai-based Pharma Company based in Kandivali. Our ace corporate yoga instructor Tarika always mixes up her session with real-life yoga stretches and relaxation techniques that not only help desk-bound employees banish all those niggling aches and pains but also help the employees understand how to keep themselves fit through chair ergonomics and fitness tips that can be incorporated into their daily office routines.

Tarika’s office yoga sessions are not just routine stretches and backbends. She always keeps the sessions entertaining, fun and humorous with the result that every employee looks forward to her sessions every time! On this particular day she also conducted a small self-defense training session for the female employees. Have a look at the smiling faces from the pictures below for further proof that yoga sessions at the workplace can have a invigorating effect in the midst of a routine work day and lead to better productivity and more positivity!

Fitness at Office

Is That a False Ceiling?!


I will carry your load!

Stretches at Workplace

Shoulder Stretches to Banish Pain

Best Corporate Wellness Company

Young and Old Gather Around

Tarika Rao Ofice Yoga

Never Forget to Smile!

Workplace Yoga Fitness

Fitness for Female Employees

Turn Around and Sit Straight!

Indian Yoga Instructors

High as a Mountain!

Yoga At Office in Mumbai

Easy Does it

Employee Yoga Fitness

Side Stretches Once in a While

Yoga Instructor Office Yoga

Loosen Up

Yoga Teacher at Office

From the CEO’s Cabin!

Yoga Workshop at Office

Namaste Backwards!

yoga instructor showing office yoga

Smiling Always Works!

corporate emloyee wellness mumbai

Top Fitness Company Mumbai

Relax Your Eyes Once a While

yogaa workshops employees

How to Use Force

A Small Self Defense Workshop For Women

Learning Self Defense

Tarika demonstrating Self Defense Moves

Self Defence Workshop Women

The Girls Do Some Practice

Self Defence for Women India

A Split Second is All you Have

Self Defense Techniques

Go For the Weak Spots

yoga instructor Tarika

Tarika Posing – All in a Day’s Work!


Atin Dasgupta is the founder of Wellintra Fitness and is an artist-entrepreneur who makes music and builds digital-first businesses in his spare time!

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