Code and Ethics

As personal fitness consultants, we believe that professional ethics and code of conduct are as important as the quality of the trainers that we have onboard. A code of ethics governs the way every personal trainer associated with us behaves and conducts themselves. As a rule, we try and uphold the highest standards of integrity and professional behaviour when dealing with clients.  All our trainers before joining us read and subscribe to the below code of ethics before meeting even a single client in order to safeguards your best interests.

Code and Practice For Our Personal Trainers.

Code 1: Safeguard the best interest of our clients

  • Your primary responsibility is to protect and safeguard the client’s safety, health and well-being. This attitude must never compromised for your own self gain, personal interest or monetary gain.
  • Recommend products or services only if it benefits the client, not because it will boost your income or position.
  • Disclose to our client any potential benefit that we may gain from selling any product or service.
  • Base the number of training sessions required on the client’s needs and not to meet your own financial goals.

Code 2: Keep Professional Boundaries

  • You will not exploit any professional relationship with a client, supervisor, employee or colleague – sexually or economically.
  • You will always respect the client’s right to privacy. A client’s results, conversations, behaviour, residential address, phone number, secrets, and where possible even his / her identity must be kept secret.
  • Focus on the professional trainer-client relationship and not the client’s personal life, except when appropriate (e.g. when the client is sharing his / her exercise or health history).
  • Avoid any unnecessary physical contact or sexually-based banter with the client.
  • When you are unable to maintain a professional relationship either because of your limitations or that of the client, inform the company so that we can refer the client to another personal trainer or medical professional as appropriate.

Code 3: Stay Current in Professional Knowledge

  • Continually strive to stay abreast of all new developments in personal training practice and service delivery so as to provide scientific and evidence-based information to clients.
  • Adhere to standards and guidelines provided by professionals in the fields of medicine, health & fitness for health screening, fitness assessments, exercise progression and techniques.

Code 4: Let Truth & Fairness Guide All Professional Decisions

  • Represent your credentials and qualifications accurately.
  • When advertising our services, be guided by the goal of helping your client make informed decisions, judgements, opinions and choices.
  • Never solicit not poach business from another trainer’s clients.

Code 5: Respect Clients and Fellow Professionals

  • Act professionally and respectfully towards all clients, colleagues and fellow fitness professionals.
  • Do not discriminate based on race, nationality, religion, occupation, sex or education background.
  • Provide fitness and health-related information factually and accurately so that clients can make informed decisions and choices.
  • Base Fitness or Product Information on scientific evidence and not on testimonies of consumers or personal testimony.

Code 6: Keep and uphold a Professional Image in Dress & Behaviour

  • Dress and behave appropriately so that clients are comfortable.
  • Practise healthy habits – do not smoke or drink excessively on and off work.
  • Keep Fit and Practise appropriate eating habits.

Code 7: Action Strategies

  • Subscribe and read sport science journals or newsletters that are available on-line.
  • Keep abreast of new discoveries in our industry by reading the health and lifestyle sections of national newspapers and health magazines.
  • Read atleast one article per week in any area that is associated with medicine, sports science or healthcare. Make a record of them for future reference.
  • Do not comment or gossip on and off work about clients, colleagues or employers.


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