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Becoming a More Professional Personal Trainer

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Tips for Yoga Instructors

Every professional who wants to make a mark in their chosen careers always have to appear professional. The profession of Yoga is no different and upcoming yoga teachers aiming to make a mark in the world of Yoga Teaching must buy the best fitting sports or yoga attire in order to look the part of a Yoga Instructor and also to help your body breathe well during practise and also enhance body movement and flexibility. Read More

How to Conduct a Yoga Class


Yoga Classes in Andheri West

As Mumbai and Delhi’s premier Yoga Consultancy and yoga studio, we get approached by lots of young, enthusiastic and vibrant yoga trainers who have just done their Yoga Teachers Training Course and are raring to teach. If you are a yoga trainer just starting out or intending to start teaching soon, then this post is for you! Read More

Top Reasons to Become a Personal Trainer

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Fitness Training Has Been Around For Long

Since the beginning of time, human beings have attempted to improve their physical appearance and physique with the help of training. If you look at ancient Greek civilization and see their sculptures you will immediately know that developing such finely chiselled and perfected physiques could not have been achieved without special training routines. Read More

The Four Types of Cardio Training

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There  are 4 main types of training formats usually used to to enhance various types of cardiovascular performance. Below are the are 4 different types of cardio training that your personal trainer might use at varying times in your training routine. Read More

Muscular Conditioning and Muscular Endurance

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Lets talk a little bit about Muscular Conditioning, Muscular Endurance and Muscular Hypertrophy today – terms which your personal trainer must have put across a few times in your training routine. Read More

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