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Yoga Classes During Pregnancy

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Yoga classes during pregnancy is now becoming increasingly popular with parents in Indian cities. This is an encouraging sign because it shows that mothers are more willing to set aside time and money to enjoy pregnancy as they prepare for childbirth. Read More

Yoga During Third Trimester of Pregnancy

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When a woman is in her third trimester of pregnancy, her baby is maturing fully and is ready to arrive to the world outside! Since the baby is reaching the full weight, a woman’s job is to ensure that she stay comfortable, relaxed and physically and mentally fit. Read More

Yoga During Second Trimester of Pregnancy

yoga during pregnancy

The second trimester of pregnancy is a period of time when intense hormone starts to lessen and a woman starts feeling more in balance. Because of this, she may start to experience an upward surge in energy and confidence. This is the time that a woman can really start to enjoy her pregnancy 🙂 Read More

Yoga During First Trimester of Pregnancy

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During the first trimester of pregnancy, a woman must focus on accepting change, nurturing yourself and creating strength to help support her unborn child. At this time hormone levels are strong and a woman’s emotions are in a state of turmoil and so are her energy levels. So when practicing yoga during pregnancy, go slow, breathe deeply and try to set strong foundations for yoga practise that will help you through the rest of your pregnancy period. Read More

Nutritional Needs for Pregnant Women


Diet for Pregnancy

For a lot of women who are getting pregnant for the first time, it is very important for them to become aware of the importance of correct nutrition because now you are not only thinking about the wellness and health of the unborn baby but also of your own health. Read More

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