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10 Tips for Staying Motivated For Fitness

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Fitness Trainers for the Fitness Enthusiast

2017 is just around the corner and it is that time of the year when both young and old party like crazy and then make new year’s resolutions to lose weight or start doing yoga or hit the gym! Which is great! New Year’s Eve is always a good time to start afresh with new vigour, energy and enthusiasm. Read More

Top Five Weight Loss Myths Debunked

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Myth No.1 – You must workout for more than 20 Minutes to Burn Fat

A lot of people who do not find the time to exercise use this excuse to not exercise at all! In today’s fast-world, keeping aside 60 minutes of one’s time at one stretch could be difficult for a lot of people. Read More

The Different Types of Stretching Exercises

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Most gym goers or fitness buff routinely ignore exercises aimed at improving flexibility in their typical workouts since they believe that flexibility exercises are a waste of time as it does not enhance your looks in any way and nor does it have any effect on cardio performance. Read More

The Four Types of Cardio Training

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There  are 4 main types of training formats usually used to to enhance various types of cardiovascular performance. Below are the are 4 different types of cardio training that your personal trainer might use at varying times in your training routine. Read More

Muscular Conditioning and Muscular Endurance

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Lets talk a little bit about Muscular Conditioning, Muscular Endurance and Muscular Hypertrophy today – terms which your personal trainer must have put across a few times in your training routine. Read More

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