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A Nutrition and Office Yoga Workshop

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Wellintra Fitness and Nutrition Consultants has the best team of professional and certified Nutrition and Fitness consultants. Our trainers and consultants are in high demand in the corporate world due to their pedigree, grooming, superlative communication abilities and their experience. Be it an office yoga session, regular yoga classes, a nutrition counseling workshop or a fun zumba sessions our Nutritionists, Yoga trainers and our Zumba Fitness instructors will be sure to engage, interact and ensure that employees feel not only refreshed and rejuvenated but also take away some crucial points regarding their own fitness and wellness. Being a highly active company in the online space we like to document every corporate session and publish it on our blog in the form of pictures for our future clients as well as readers to get a better idea of what we do and how we do it 🙂

Below are some pictures of a Nutrition / Office Yoga Session that was held for the top and middle management of a Global Management Consulting Firm inside one of the meeting rooms at The Trident Hotel in Nariman Point. The 1.5 hr. session which kicked off at 4 pm started off with a fun-filled and informative Nutrition and Diet presentation by Dietician Neha Chandana where she spoke about the importance of Nutrition and a Proper Diet for maintaining one’s health and also for boosting productivity and to ensure that sickness and ill health is kept at bay.

Office Yoga

After the nutrition workshop which ended at 5 pm, our Yoga Trainer Chloe took over for the next 30 minutes and showed the employees some simple but effective yoga techniques to avoid fatigue at the workplace and to help alleviate common conditions among today’s employees such as neck pain, back pain, wrist pain etc. All in all it was an absorbing and entertaining workshop for not only the employees of the firm but also our trainers who couldn’t get enough of the view of the Arabian Sea from the 35th floor of the Trident!

office yoga trainers south mumbai

Session Starts With an Introduction

yoga instructors for companies

All Eyes and Ears At Attention!

corporate wellness instructors mumbai

Why Cows Are Superior Chewers!

nutritionists in mumbai

Neha Speaks About the Hunchback Effect

diet nutrition educators

Humour is Always Essential!

nutrition consultants in mumbai

Some Questions Are Always Important

corporate dietician in mumbai

Neha Speaks About the Perils of Obesity

corporate wellness agencies mumbai

The Employees Gain Some Insights

office yoga specialists mumbai

A Light Moment

best corprate wellness companies mumbai

Neha Talks About Why Employees Need to Eat Right

top nutrition edicator bandra

Stress – The Biggest Killer!

Nutrition consultant for corporates

A Top Nutritionist Gives Some Valuable Insights

neha chandana dietician

Neha Shares Some Valuable Anecdotes


Neha Identifies Poor Meal Habits



top yoga instructors in mumbai

Yoga Trainer Chloe Takes Over

office yoga techniques

Chloe Shows Some Calming Breathing Techniques

top wellness consultants

Some Theory Before Practice

yoga at workplace trainers

Side Stretches On Your Chair

top office yoga teachers

Twists to Relieve Back Pain

Stretching at Offices

Loosening up the forearms

Mumbai Office Yoga Chair Yoga

The Beautiful View from the Conference Room!

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